MyFlightBook.NET - Easy To Use

Easy To

MyFlightBook.NET was designed by the demands of pilots. The developers therefore concentrated on an intuitive design that satisfies all needs of a professional logbook.

MyFlightBook.NET - Detailed Reports


MyFlightbook.NET helps you keep record of your flights so that you don't need to carry your handwritten notes with you and also provides detailed reports which meet the requirements of authorities.

MyFlightBook.NET - License Management


MyFlightbook.NET helps you to manage all of your licenses in one place and helps you therefore not to forget any expiry date anymore.

MyFlightBook.NET - All Aircraft-Types!

Manage all your logbooks within one place

MyFlightBook.NET not only helps you to manage your different licenses it provides also the possibility to have all of your different logbooks for your aircraft types in one place.

MyFlightBook.NET - Mobile compatible


MyFlightbook.NET has a 100%-responsive design, so that you can log your times wherever you are with your phone or tablet - even without installation. The mobile app additionally gives you the possibility to log your times in the offline-mode of your device and sync those later with your account at home - so you don't have to use your mobile roaming data.

MyFlightBook.NET - Easy Import

Easy Import
and Export

MyFlightbook.NET lets you import existing flights easily, so you have all of your logbooks in one place
If you need your data printed you can export them as PDF or Excel.


24 €2

  • 360 Days
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Entrys / No Restrictions
  • Aeroplane / Sim / Heli / Gyro / Glider
  • Excel (CSV) Import / Export
  • PDF Export 3
  • Upload files & documents to your flights
  • iOS / Android App 4
  • Import Service 5
  • Standard Support 6

1 The subscription will NOT extend automatically!
2 This price includes 20% VAT.
3 Separate Logbooks for each type (Aircraft/Glider...) accepted by the authorities.
4 iOS/Android App will be released soon
5 You can send us a copy of your logbook and we will import of 400 entries. If you need to import more lines please contact the support for our pricing model.
6 Standard Support: E-Mail within the next 2 workingdays.
Student Pilots may get 50% off.