MYFligthbook.NET is your professional logbook in the cloud. With MYFligthbook.NET you can easily log all your flights on the go so you don't have to carry all your notes with you all the time. MYFligthbook.NET was designed by pilots for pilots.
Yes, you can easily import your existing flightbook. You will see a "import flights"-button when you log in to MyFlightbook.NET on the overview page on the right handside of the page. The button will link you to a new page where you can upload your existing logbook as a csv-file 1 and where you will also find further instructions for the import.

1 A csv-file can be created with microsoft excel or other spreadsheet programs. If you need help with importing your data please don't hesitate to contact our support!
You can export you flights with our report-generator as PDF.
Additionally you can get a csv-file1 with all your records.

1The csv-file can be opened and modified with spreadsheet-programs, p.ex. Microsoft Excel.
We support all kind of different aircraft-types:
Aeroplane, Glider, Gyrocopter, Helicopter, Ultralight.
Each of this logbook types are seperated and can be logged individually.
MyFlightbook.NET supports all commonly used browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera) both on computer and on mobile devices. Native mobile apps are in development for Android and iOS and will be launched in late summer 2015 (Android) respectivly early 2016 (iOS). In case you should experience any issue interacting with our homepage, please don't hesitate to give us feedback, clicking on the yellow exclamation mark in the upper right corner of eyery page or to contact our support.
Your data will be stored on a secure and private server in Austria. We will keep your data confidental and we won't sell it or give it away.
You can find the terms of use here
If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us!
Go to Overview -> Import Flights.
There you will find a example for each type of aircraft. The column header must be present in the given format.The correct sequence is not important. During the import the system will check each entry. Each airport and aircraft must be present in our database. You will get a message if an aircraft or an airport is missing. In this case go to Airports / Aircraft and add the missing one.
If you need furhter information or help, please contact the support.
Go to Overview -> Export Flights.
There you can choose the aircraft-types you want to export and filter them by the date of flight. The export will create a CSV-file which you can open with any spreadsheet program, p.ex. Microsoft Excel.
Go to Airports -> Add Airport.
Please fill out all required fields. If your airport doesn't have an ICAO-Code you can use an abbreviation instead. Every airport can only be added once to our database, which means, you will get an error-message if you try to add an already existing airport.
Go to Aircraft -> Add new Aircraft.
Please fill out all required fields.
Every aircraft can only be added once to our database, which means, you will get an error-message if you try to add an already existing aircraft. In case you think that the icao-type or other data entries are wrong, you can edit the aircraft.
You have to create a flight entry to your flights table with the new aircraft / airport first. Therafter it will be listed.
Sometimes There may occur a little delay due to technical reasons.
You have to use the aircraft / airport first. Then you can go to Airports / Aircraft and click on edit.
You can personalize each field.
Our map will only display aiports where we have the gps corridnates in our database.
If one airport is missing, pleae go to Airports and edit the missing one. There you can change or add the gps corridnates.
You can contact our support-team per mail and per phone.
You will find a yellow exclamation mark on the right side of each page. There you can contact us directly and send us your feedback.
If you have any futher requests or problems, you can contact our support per e-mail
Your first month of use is free. Afterwards, you can choose one out of three subscription models to use MyFlightbook.NET. You can find the details on the landing page.
If you recommend us to one of your friends and he will subscribe too, both of you will benefit from one additional free month of use.
We offer You PayPal as an autorised payment provider.
In certain circumstances we will accept direct debit or bank transfer. Direct debit is possible, if your country of residence is in Austria.
It is required to contact our support in advance.
For student pilots we have a special offer.
If you can send us a stundent pilot license or a document where you can proof, that you are a student pilot you will get ~50% discount for the first year on the standard subscription.
After termination of the testing period or the paid using period no further dismissal notice is required.

After termination of the testing period You can decide to conclude a subscription for a specified time of use. If no subscription is concluded the access to site will be restricted to only certain areas of the site. You can access your data within one year after the expiry date. After expiration of this term all User-specific data will be anonymised and/or deleted. A recovery of the User data will not be possible after expiration of this term.

After termination of the paid using period the access to site will be restricted to only certain areas of the site unless the subscription is extended in time. You can access your data within one year after the expiry date. After expiration of this term you will only be available to access your data in renewing your subscription at the then actual and publicly available terms.

For futher details see Terms of Use - Section 2: Duration and Termination